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First Visit for Infertility

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Welcome, we are pleased you are interested in our office for your hormonal imbalance, assistance in healthy aging or gynecological and infertility problem.

Areas of Focus

Before any therapy is begun, a complete investigation of both partners is necessary to diagnose the cause of your infertility. During your first visit which will take three to four hours. Dr. Keswani and her staff will consult with both husband and wife. A complete medical history will be taken and the various tests necessary to evaluate your problem will be explained. Blood tests and semen analysis may be requested as well.

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If your issue is infertility, we want to assure you that your problem is not uncommon, Twenty-five percent of all married couples are infertile. Infertility is caused by both men and women fifty percent each. This may be a combination of a medical issue or even a easily corrected hormonal imbalance.

The chances of becoming pregnant are good. Of the couples who seek treatment for their childlessness, some may become pregnant during the workup. Others may need several months of longer diagnostic testing and treatment. It is heartening to know that many of the most difficult cases can be treated successfully. 

Using ayruveda and BHRT Dr. Keswani is able to assist bringing your body back to balance for healthy living.

Examination with blood work and analysis specially compounded formula.

  • body temperature
  • Blood tests
  • Semen analysis
  • Tube or Rubun test 
  • Postcoital test
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First human ovum (egg) extracted by Dr. Keswani in the Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

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